Webinar Registration Forms

Use registration forms to let participants register for your webinars, online meetings and web conferences. With LiveWebinar user-friendly Registration Forms you will gather valuable data and high quality leads.

Webinar Registration Forms

Boost your webinar sign-ups

Make signing up for your event easier by creating your own Registration Form list. You can name each form and give it a short description.

Manage your Registration Forms

Search for specific Registration Forms using their name or description. Collect the successful registrations to always have them on hand.

Manage your Registration Forms in one place

Create a list of well-planned Registration Forms and manage them from one place in the LiveWebinar Dashboard.

Create Registration Forms with fields

Create forms with custom fields. Freely name your Registration Forms and decide which placeholder will be required in your Registration Form.

Integrate with marketing automation tools

Collect important e-mails and send them directly to your email automation tools such as Freshmail, Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc.

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Webinar Registration Forms
Webinar Registration Forms

Customize field types

Collect email addresses and phone numbers using different field types. Create your own registration form with checkboxes and a custom text.

Advanced Leads Forms

Create Advanced Registration Forms with identifiers to make your form more organized, transparent and easier to use.

Make registration effortless

After you create a typical registration form you can check its name or description on your form list. See which form is currently in use and find information about its status.

Freely edit your forms

By clicking the options button you can disable, edit or delete a specific form. You may update a created form at any time. Disable outdated or inefficient forms to prevent them from running before your events.

Webinar Registration Forms

Making your meeting easy to join and safe

Meet your customers’ needs by hosting webinars & online meetings with seamless registration. While planning a webinar you can choose from previously created forms. Make your event safe from unauthorised access by assigning each registrant a personal URL.

Webinar Registration Forms

Keep your participants on schedule

After submitting this form each registrant will receive a personal attendance URL. There can be only one participant using the particular URL during a session.

Don’t worry about uninvited guests showing up at your event - registrants aren’t allowed to share their personal links with other users.

Create a smart Thank you page

The Thank you page shows up after filling the Registration Form. Your registrants may enter the meeting with a personal access link and add the event to their calendar.

Add events to calendar

Every event you've signed up for can be added to your personal calendar in Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo. Just click on the right button to generate an ICS file.

Stay up-to-date

Add a few reminders to avoid forgetting about important webinars or online conferences. You may set reminders from 5 minutes to 5 days before the event.

Webinar Registration Forms
Webinar Registration Forms

Toggle Form Peview

Want to check your forms before the planned event? Click on the Toggle for Preview option to see previously created registration forms.

You may design a new Registration Form at any time. With the simple & intuitive Creator adding a new form to the list will take a few seconds.

Get a personal link to the event

After filling out the registration form you will receive an email with a personal link and the date of the event.

The Thank you email

Provides you with necessary information about the upcoming event and enables you to join the meeting from any device or place.

Webinar Registration Forms

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