LiveWebinar or Zoom?
What suits you best?

This one is for you, Zoom users!

(And for anyone else who wonders: “Why should I choose LiveWebinar over Zoom?")

However, we find it pointless to praise the values which look good just on paper.That’s why this comparison might be slightly offbeat.

Of course, it’s handy to see a clear chart. But in the real world, it’s impossible to compile every detail into a table.

Instead, we’ve decided to focus on the key differences in the Q&A form. You’ll also see customer reviews and features that (in our opinion) simply rock.

Zoom Alternative - LiveWebinar vs Zoom Comparison

We’re LiveWebinar.

Here’s what the users say about our platform:

The data compiled on 7/12/2020 from G2

On the menu tonight is the LiveWebinar and Zoom comparison.

Time to see which one is better for you.

Can I host online meetings and webinars with one tool?

Yes and no. It depends on the pricing plan you choose. In LiveWebinar you can do both,
but with Zoom, you need a special add-on.

  • Yes, with LiveWebinar you can run webinars and host closed meetings. Of course, you can use just one of these options, but you’re already provided with two possibilities.
  • No matter which pricing plan you choose, each of them gives you the possibility of meeting rooms, marketing automation, branding, and more. Even in the free version!
  • Zoom has decided to divide its services into categories. In the free or paid version, you can host a meeting with Zoom Meetings. If you want to run webinars with Zoom, you have to buy a special add-on.
  • However, if you want to run a webinar, you need to upgrade your pricing plan to Pro or higher and pay for a specific add-on. In LiveWebinar you can test that video type before you choose the relevant paid option.

What are the differences in pricing?

It’s almost impossible to compare pricing plans, as both tools offer an array of variations and plan extensions.
What differs one from another is flexibility and clarity of possible options.

  • The pricing is clear and shown in a simple chart. LiveWebinar offers one free and three paid plans. Use add-ons to customize your plan with the features you want, or build your plan with the CUSTOM option.
  • All of our benefits and features are presented in transparent packages so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Every add-on is shown in the table and can be included in each plan. You clearly see what you need - simply and hustle-free.
  • No hidden fees. You can subscribe to any paid plan and extend it with every add-on possible.
  • No hidden fees. You can subscribe to any paid plan and extend it with every add-on possible.
  • Zoom offers one free and three paid plans as well. However, Zoom pricing is strictly combined with the idea of the divided action plans (such as Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings). It might be more confusing because some packages require upgrading your plan to the demanded version.
  • Each action plan has separate pricing, which can be later combined together. You have to pay for each segment separately. There’s no one omnibus chart showing this - you have to do research in the pricing section.
  • There are a few types of add-ons collected in packages. You’re provided with a box of features, but you can’t choose just one add-on that you specifically need or mix them.

Can I record my webinar and re-use it after?

  • Yes, there’s an option of webinar recording in every pricing plan. It’s saved both in the cloud and can be downloaded to your files.
  • The storage capacity depends on the plan. It’s measured in the length of your webinar (in hours). This is available even in the free version.
  • From the BUSINESS option and on, you have external storage for your recordings in Amazon S3 bucket storage or in the FTP server. Learn more in our manual here! In the Custom version, you set the recording storage yourself.
  • Want to make the most of your webinar? Create evergreen webinars and skyrocket your business.
  • You can record Zoom Meetings, but to unlock Cloud Storage, you need to upgrade your plan to the Pro or higher. In a free version, everything is saved on your local drive.
  • You have 1GB capacity in the cloud storage in two pricing plans, or unlimited in the Enterprise plan.
  • You can also buy extra cloud storage for Zoom Webinar as an extension for the Zoom Meetings paid plan.

What do you like best?

What do you like best?

I especially appreciate the intuintive interface. LiveWebinar has all the necessary features at a good price (including even some elements of ypur own branding), I highly recommend it!

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What do you like best?

A bunch of features, integrations and options within webinars as well as hassle-free maintenance.

Read full review on G2 >>
Zoom Alternative - LiveWebinar vs Zoom Comparison

What else can you do with LiveWebinar?

5 things you haven’t known you need, but you wish you did

1. Easy access wherever you are

1. Easy access wherever you are

No downloading, no worries

With LiveWebinar you (or any of your participants) don’t have to download a special app to run a webinar. You can create a meeting rom your web browser. Works on most services and operating systems.

No update problems

Anyone who registered would be able to participate in your event always. On competitors’ platforms, it happens to be impossible to take part in a meeting when the webinar app isn’t up to date.

Access from mobile browsers

For Zoom you need an app for your mobile browser to participate in a meeting. It’s not required with LiveWebinar. You can even host an event from your mobile!

How to attend a meeting? Just click the link - and you’re in! It’s truly that simple."

2. Flawless collaboration

2. Flawless collaboration

Zoom has a user management option via sub-accounts. Owners and admins can add, delete and assign the roles of the rest of the users in a team.

But have you ever felt like you need an assistant during a webinar?

With LiveWebinar you can add sub-accounts or multiple users (account assistants). They share your account, and have access to almost all of the main account, excluding which is great for teams that need only one subscription.

3. Marketing booster

3. Marketing booster

The key role of Call to Actions is obvious for every marketer. What if you could use the power of it in your webinars and online meetings?

LiveWebinar has it covered! You can create a CTA and redirect your participants to the relevant site via the special button. A pop-up would show up simultaneously on attendees’ screens.

Besides CTAs, you can make Ads Banners and skyrocket your promotion actions with marketing automation.

Such options are unavailable natively through Zoom.

4. Make lasting impression with friendly urls

4. Make lasting impression with friendly urls

Friendly URLs are links that are short and easy to remember.

When you share your link to an online meeting or webinar, it can be that simple too.

LiveWebinar gives you the Embed Code option, which allows you to host a webinar directly on your site. The good news? It’s available in every plan!

What about Zoom? You’re not able to embed Zoom Meetings on your website natively from this tool. You need an extension that you have to install manually via Web Software Development Kit.

5. Unlimited customization

5. Unlimited customization

  • Add or remove features as needed if you have a CUSTOM plan, or use add-ons to create your perfect platform.
  • Brand your webinar with your logo and colors.
  • Change room layouts to options that suit you.
  • With our label solution, you have endless opportunities to create your own communication platform.

Here are some awards and distinctions we received over time

Zoom on security

Your files at your fingertips - safe & sound

If you want to export files by Zoom, you can do it via external drives like Google Drive. It’s handy for the files on which your company works online, as it’s stored on external servers.

Besides that, the disc storage offered by LiveWebinar is dedicated to the documents you would like to share during the meeting. Your assets are safe on our server. We don’t have to say how the security of confidential data is essential, right?

Extra safety with advanced tech backup

This part might be confusing for everyone besides tech specialists. Let’s keep it short and sweet then.

Your passwords and streams are safe, thanks to expert solutions. More specifically: one-way hashing algorithms and salts, TLS 1.2 protocol and high strength ciphers, TLS protected channels, all datagrams HMAC for authentication and integrity.

Want more protection?

Room security is customizable with a password and token protection, single sign-ons, and many more solutions. All media streams are encrypted (including screen sharing).

Easily reach a wider audience.

You can have up to 5, 100, 500, or over 1000 participants depending on the plan you’re
working with. However, you’re not limited to a specific number of participants! With the help of
add-ons you can increase your audience based on the needs of your event.

Zoom Alternative - LiveWebinar vs Zoom Comparison

In the Custom version, you can have more than 1000 attendees, and the pricing is adjusted personally to you by our team.

In the Zoom Video Webinar plan, the pricing depends in particular on the number of attendees. You can choose from 100 up to 10 000 attendees, and the price varies accordingly from $400/year to $64,000.

To compare: LiveWebinar Business plan costs around $1120 for 500 attendees per year, and Zoom $1400.*

*This shows the annual payment tribe and doesn’t include other differences in features offered in a particular type of commission. It compares the basic Zoom Video Webinar plan with an extensive LiveWebinar Business plan.

Ready for your free trial?

Don’t buy a pig in a poke.

In LiveWebinar you can check each pricing plan before you decide
if it fits your needs.

Business or Pro - test them all and choose your fighter!

Psst! You can’t do it with Zoom. You can ask for the Zoom Rooms trial version, but it doesn’t include
Zoom Webinars (which is an add-on in their pricing plans) nor upgraded versions of Zoom Meetings.