Language Interpretation

When hosting an international conference, ensuring that all attendees can communicate and understand one another is key. With the LiveWebinar Language Interpretation feature you can provide live, simultaneous translation throughout your event.

Language Interpretation

Many Languages, One Solution

Enable the language interpretation option, add interpreters and assign them a language of translation. An interpreter will translate what the speaker is saying in real-time, and the attendees of the event will hear be able to understand everything in their own language.

Translation That Fits Your Needs

A lot rests on the shoulders of the interpreter. Without the correct platform or technology, even the best interpreter won’t be able to keep the proper flow of information going. For that reason, LiveWebinar provides the Language Interpretation feature, giving your international conference or business meeting the right flow.

Multiple Translators

You can add more than one interpreter who will be leading real-time translation. Attendees will be able to choose the language that suits their preference.

Volume Controls

Each attendee will be able to adjust the volume of the interpreter in relation to the original audio, depending on their needs.

Host Top-Notch Events

With Language Interpretation you’re able to create impressive and inclusive events beyond those of your competition.

Show Your Attendees You Care

Who has the time to sit down and learn an entire language in a few days just for a single event? Language Interpretation makes sure that everyone can keep up with what’s going on, no matter what language they speak, and is a gold mine for increasing the reach of your webinars.

Add a Sign-language Translator

With the Language Interpretation feature you don't have to worry about the inclusivity of your video conferences.

You can add a sign language interpreter in the same way as a regular translator, all you need to do you is assign a sign language to them. In this way you can make your conferences more accessible to an even larger audience.

Language Interpretation
Language Interpretation

Overcome Language Barriers

When your attendees click the translation icon just above the audio and video window and they select an interpreter, they will be able to adjust the volume of the interpreter compared to that of the original audio.

Create environment where everyone is on the same page, you can be sure that your attendees will leave with a positive and lasting.

Read How To Use Language Interpretation

Check out our Language Interpretation manual to learn more about this feature!

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