Webinar Breakout Rooms at LiveWebinar

Run limitless meetings in one session. We know that managing big events isn’t that easy. Reach all your goals at once by splitting your session into several meetings and collaborating with numerous participants at a time.

Webinar Breakout Rooms at LiveWebinar

Improve your workflow

Create multiple Webinar Breakout Rooms to improve teamwork. Discuss several topics during one meeting session and build engagement among employees. See how participants perform tasks and let them come up with their own solutions and concepts.

Higher level of teamwork

Run quick Breakout Room sessions and check out the effectiveness of your lectures and support the acquiring of knowledge. Split participants into groups, let them solve problems, answer questions, lead discussions or just simply take a quick break from the main course of the training.


Assign your students to separate rooms and give them tasks to make sure they understand the main points of your lesson.


Boost your team’s creativity and let new ideas flourish. Get surprised by the number of solutions brought up by your team.


Boost interactions and get valuable conclusions. Turn your meeting into a lively discussion panel with multiple groups.


Pick the best candidates for the job – check their experience by assigning them interview tasks.

Make recruiting hassle-free

Develop a strong communication culture in your company and save time and costs on meetings with employees and future job candidates.

Select participants and assign them to different Webinar Breakout Rooms to improve your hiring sessions and efficiently onboard new team members.

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Webinar Breakout Rooms at LiveWebinar

Organize your sessions from A to Z

Get the chance to collaborate with a large number of attendees and split them into separate rooms within a few seconds. Assign participants to Webinar Breakout Rooms manually based on your own criteria or automate the process by clicking the “Randomize” button.

Webinar Breakout Rooms at LiveWebinar

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