Branding Tool

Enhance your brand’s image and run webinars fully equipped with your logo, colors, fonts and backgrounds. Deliver to your audience a unique, customized experience and embrace the power of branding up your meetings, trainings and sales presentations.

Branding Tool

Build trust and authority

Make sure your trainings are about showing, not just telling. Power up your online speeches and webinars with your colors and logo to make your message even stronger in a discreet, non-intrusive way.

Add extra value to your services

Stand out from your competitors and run sales presentations that involve both your product and brand. Don’t let your audience get bored with standard, setup layouts and make them more familiar with your brand.

Show yourself as a reliable partner

Make your brand prominent from the very first seconds of your meeting. Incorporate your logo, colors and other branding elements to increase your reliability and boost the chance of your participants being interested in buying your service or product.

Branding Tool
Boost conversion rates

Run branded webinars to captivate your audience, spark engagement and make customers come back to your business.

Increase brand awareness

Improve your brand visibility without spending an extra penny on promotion! Extend your brand’s reach and use branding elements to underline your product’s value.

Gain loyal customers and increase sales

Create a special bond between the brand and your customers and win their loyalty. Use brand recognition to make your brand more visible and customers more prone to purchase your product.

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